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Drug testing and requirements will vary widely by industry, company, regulation, law enforcement, court order, military, trucking, aviation – both in terms of which drug tests are required and the frequency for their testing. DrugFreeID permits the easy verification of your compliance to whatever standard you must meet. Again, DrugFeeID acts as an independent third-party verifier that you are in compliance or not with any requirements you must meet . And your compliance (or not) can be checked by anyone with a smartphone, instantaneously – all you have to do is let them “shoot” your QR code, give them a PIC (Personal Access Code) for their access – and you can substantiate compliance.

You no longer have to carry around medical testing certificates, and the persons, employers, inspectors, courts, law enforcement whomever requires that information is assured that they are not receiving fakes, or altered documents. Your testing credentials are verified by DrugFreeID. This is a customized program. You provide us with your requirements, tests required and frequency, and we will report that you are either in compliance - or not – and anyone can confirm that instantaneously with their smartphone. Email reminders are sent when you are scheduled for re-testing, and we can report automatically (if you like) to those who require your test results both when you pass, and when you didn’t.

Since testing may be only of a limited duration, your customized program may be limited to a few months, or years, from monthly testing to annual testing. $29.95 per test record obtained within the year. One test, then only one small annual fee. So, for example, if you require one annual test, and we maintain only that single testing record, $29.95 is your annual fee. If your requirement is to be tested monthly, or more frequently, $29.95 per testing record obtained or $199.95 annually if paid in advance.

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