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Bisexual Five Diamond - Non Recurring Annual Subscription


Your purchase of your Five Diamond Rating will also make you a de-facto Member of our Five Diamond Club which has extra benefits.

Your Diamond Rating indicates your recency of passing the core STI tests and NOT your sexual activity. Your Five Diamond indicates that you have successfully passed your core STI tests within the past two months. You can make the actual dates of your last test available, or not, to those of whom you allow access to your verification page IF you decide to give them your Personal Identification Code (PIC), your access code. The actual date of your testing as well as your photo(s) are there, and verified.

Anonymity is an option. In that case, your membership is revealed only as a Member number.

Once you pass your core STI testing for HIV Type 1 & 2 Antibody, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and you have agreed to abide by the SafeSexID Code of Conduct, you have qualified for the Five Diamond Rating. You have just tested, and can hold that rating for two months, until your next scheduled test. The Five Diamond rating requires that you test regularly for the core STIs every two (2) months in order to maintain the rating. If you miss a retest, your rating will drop to the next lower Diamond Rating, in this case Four (4) Diamonds (test every three months). If you don't test within three months of your original test date, your rating will drop to Three (3) Diamonds, that you have been tested within six months. and so on until you reach Two Diamond, you test annually.

Your maintenance of any Diamond Rating is a personal choice which best suits your sexual activity and purposes, your risk tolerance. Your frequency of testing is your choice.

But since this is a non-recurring yearly subscription, beyond your testing costs, if you get just one quality date, meet one great person as a result of your Five Diamond Rating DURING THE YEAR, you will have more than covered the cost.

A value cannot be placed on your health, or the health of your partner.

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